Payroll Sales Pros: Let’s Clean Your Dirty Laundry! Don’t Walk Away from Messy Prospects

Do you run from messy prospects with payroll records in a shoebox?

Before you do, provide them an alternative: Forensic Payroll will build (or rebuild) their payroll cleanly while you move on to the next deal. FPC will work directly with your prospect. Most projects take 7-10 days to complete; sometimes sooner, occasionally a little longer.

The truth is that effective payroll handling is complex and often a small business’s greatest expense. Payroll has always been viewed as time-consuming, high-risk, and complicated. That’s why we ensure Payroll Service Providers are taking on clean clients. Payroll errors are a real concern, but they are not end-all set-in-stone errors.

National surveys from payroll professionals found that compliance challenges (43%), managing the complexities of multi-jurisdictional payroll (34%), and inefficient processes (27%) are the largest pain points of streamlined payroll processing.

Imagine the time you will save while we assist your prospect by cleaning those messy payroll challenges. Take that time to sign the next client while we work on your behalf. You can be closing clean deals while we clean the dirty ones. We want the mess, NOT the payroll processing! It’s like having your payroll laundered!!



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