FL DOR NOT requiring e-Verify for Payroll Reporting Agents

The Florida Department of Revenue announced today June 15, 2023, that “Agents or management companies do not have the statutory authority to certify use of the E-Verify system on behalf of an employer. Qualified agents or management companies will continue to file reports with the Department on behalf of the employer, and the employer will separately certify use of E-Verify. Employers required to certify use of E-Verify may complete this step on an Employer E-Verify Certification (Form RT-E-Verify) or Correction to Employer’s Quarterly or Annual Domestic Report (Form RT-8A). The E-Verify Certification form will be available in an online application or in paper format. Employers who wish to use the RT-8A must have an active reemployment tax registration with the Department and are required to file an Employer’s Quarterly Report (Form RT-6).”

The enforcement arm of the FL DOR (the Department of Commerce) will be issuing fines of $1,000 per day if they determine the E-Verify system was not used at least three times in a 24-month period. The fine will continue to accrue until the employer demonstrates compliance with the law. Vist https://floridarevenue.com/Pages/results.aspx?q=e-verify for more information.



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