ERC providers to stop accepting 2020 requests this November

April 15, 2024 seems far away. However, while it’s clear to those in the payroll tax world that the IRS deadline for submitting claims for refunds for 2020 is April 15th next year, many payroll and ERC providers will stop accepting Employee Retention Credit clients as early as this November.

Why? If you ask payroll providers, they’ll say it’s because they also need time to process claims for other non-ERC related amendments. If you ask the companies solely focused on ERC you’ll get a myriad of untrue answers but most of which will center on an urgent call-to-action that you “must act now!”

Fact is, yes, you must file by April 15, 2024 for all amendments for the 2020 tax year and this includes ERC.

Since FPC is payroll agnostic, we’ll accept requests from clients and partners from any payroll platform. You’ll be happy to know that at least until further notice, Forensic Payroll will still be accepting requests to file 2020 up through February 2024!



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